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darkphilodox's Journal

Monkey Weasel Sniff
6 July 1966
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5/08/06 Time for a new up to date bio, I'm me and if you dont like that to bad cause its my journal. I have a bit of a twisted sense of humor, I tend to see humor in most everything. So dont be surprised if I laugh at your misfortune.
Other insanity in my life would be my 13 year old daughter who I love very much and dont tell her nearly enough.
I have property out in Oakville(5acers)My two brothers went in on it with me and we even got it all payed off several years early. We just use it for camping at the moment, well they do much more than I do.
I like to have the occasional drink down at the Brotherhood in Oly Wa. I dont smoke and I'm happy there is a NO smoking law here in Washington now, there isnt much worse then going out on the town and coming home smelling like an ashtray.

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